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Icon Map Pro Features

Icon Map Pro, the new professional version of Icon Map, has been built from the ground up with an extensive set of new features and a simplified interface. This tool offers a robust solution for visualising and analysing geospatial data within Power BI. It is designed for data analysts, GIS specialists, and business intelligence professionals, addressing the need for seamless integration of geographic insights into BI dashboards. Users can effortlessly transform complex geospatial data into actionable visuals, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning with the intuitive low/no-code Power BI interface.

Icon Map Pro contains an extensive list of features to help you create interactive maps in Power BI:

Data-Bound Items

Examples of data-bound objects in Icon Map Pro

Clustered circles, Heatmap, H3 hexagons, Images and lines, Shapes

Icon Map Pro enables you to draw an impressive range of different types of objects on your map, and locate and format them based on data in your Power BI semantic model.

The different types of data-bound items include:

All with comprehensive support for Power BI's conditional formatting options.

Configure multiple fields for your tooltips or use report page tooltips. Power BI's Cross-highlighting, cross-filtering and drill-through are all supported.

Drill-down through multiple levels of circles, H3 hexagons (with H3 Indexes) or shape layers.

Add multiple layers of shapes, whether from files, ArcGIS or vector tiles, all bound to your Power BI dataset, and apply different formatting options to each layer. (From version

Work with longitude and latitude coordinates or specify a specific coordinate reference system (CRS) (eg British National Grid eastings and northings) for your source data and the coordinates are automatically translated to longitude and latitude coordinates and displayed on the map.

Map Backgrounds

Example map backgrounds in Icon Map Pro

Icon Map Pro, Azure Maps, ESRI, Mapbox, Google Maps, Ordnance Survey

Icon Map Pro comes with its own background mapping built from OpenStreetMap data and is available in a number of styles. If you would like to include a third-party's background maps within your report, then we have pre-configured support for:

You will need to provide an API key from the third party provider in order to use these services.

In addition to Icon Map Pro's background mapping and the pre-configured third party providers, it's possible to add your own custom URLs supporting a wide range of additional providers and services:

Overlays and Reference Data

Example map overlays in Icon Map Pro

Traffic from Azure Maps, Weather from Azure Maps, Daylight Terminator, WMS - from British Geological Survey

Icon Map Pro provides the ability to add additional reference information overlaid on top of the background map.

Examples include:

ArcGIS, traffic and weather layers require a third party API key.

Add multiple layers of shapes, ArcGIS feature layers and WMS sources (From version Dynamically filter WMS layers to only show the items your need using Power BI's conditional formatting (From version Expose property names as standard Power BI tooltips.


Example map controls in Icon Map Pro

Distance measurement tool, Lasso, Scale, Control icons

Icon Map Pro provides a number of map controls adding additional interaction options, or ability to interpret the map.

  • Zoom
  • Zoom lock - temporarily disable auto-zoom from cross-highlighting and filtering
  • Scale in metric, imperial and nautical units
  • Lasso tool to select specific elements (in addition to multi select)
  • Distance measurement tool
  • Attribution - add map attribution text to ensure compliance with third-party providers